Geothermal for Sustainable, Renewable, Clean Energy

Pine State Drilling is an Experienced GeoExchange® Contractor

How do you know if using a geothermal system is right for you? The first step is to talk about your energy needs with an experienced GeoExchange® contractor, like Pine State Drilling. Owner/Operator Chad Grignon is our resident geothermal expert, and it all begins with an energy audit that you can obtain by calling Chad directly at (207) 612-6499 or, if you prefer, contact us and we will get in touch with you.

To engineer your building environmental and heating needs, you start with an energy audit. Solutions can be prioritized with cost and payback data. The energy audit may be needed for state and federal incentives as well as for your local bank. The energy solution then can be identified for selecting products and installers with tech support. Contact Us!

–Chad Grignon, Geothermal Expert

An Energy Audit is a Wise Choice: Know Before You Go

Residential and commercial customers alike sing the praises of having an energy audit. It is a wise step in knowing your current energy use and the most effective and efficient ways to reduce energy. Energy audits can yield significant savings, depending on the level of energy use in the home or business.

Did you know that Geothermal is Green Solar Energy?

Efficiency and Improvements After the Energy Audit

Once you determine the various ways your home or business uses or loses energy, Pine State Drilling experts can provide solutions to improve efficiency. Pine State Drilling, as an experienced GeoExchange® contractor, will provide solutions and take care of the design and installation of these solutions for you.

Contact Pine State Drilling for a Free Estimate on Geothermal: (207) 612-6499.