Water Well Drilling by
Pine State Drilling

Top-Notch Drilling for New Construction and Existing Properties

The drilling pros at Pine State Drilling can provide water well drilling for all your needs:

• New Construction
• Homes and Camps
• Commercial

Free Estimates on Water Well Drilling

Whether you have an existing home water well, or are planning new construction, we provide free estimates, based on reasonable judgments, due to experience of rock formations and water supply in the area. Call us for a free estimate at (207) 654-2771 or contact us. Pine State Drilling provides an “estimate” and not a “quote” for water well drilling, since we cannot guarantee the exact location of water underground or the yield of the well site.

Well Water Yield and Possible Hydrofracking

If the water that is first tapped during drilling is adequate for your needs, drilling usually stops. If the yield is inadequate at a certain depth, we offer to drill deeper or perform a ‘hydrofrac’ procedure. This entails pumping water down the hole until a fracture gives way to allow water to flow into the well. The procedure is equivalent to dynamite without the chemicals and has a very large success rate.

Water Well Drilling Professionals Ensure Quality Results

Establishing a Working Water Well – the Complete Job

Once we do the water well drilling and the well is established, the well pump and pressure tank system need to be designed to give you optimum use for your needs. Proper sizing is crucial to the construction and performance of your well system. Your water well system is designed to suit the needs of your entire household. Factors considered when sizing your system include such things as the number of bathrooms, bedrooms, occupants, and anticipated water use for extras such as swimming pools, spas or whirlpool baths, garden hydrants, or number of animals in a barn. In other words, total fixture units will determine the anticipated water demand.