Resources for Well Owners
Helpful Facts About Your Well

Downloadable Resource for Well Owners

Pine State Drilling partners with The Water Systems Council to bring you the most important information about well ownership, maintenance, and safety. By now, you can probably guess there is much more involved in drilling a well than simply digging a hole into the ground. Pine State Drilling is here as your primary resource for everything from drilling, to pump repair, water testing, and maintenance. Call us today at (207) 654-2771 or contact us anytime with your important well operation questions.

Resource from the Water Systems Council for Well Owners

Experts from the Water Systems Council and wellcare® compiled a helpful resource to educate property owners about proper well operation. Discover answers to some of your most nagging questions on how to care for your well; such as:

• Hiring a well driller
• Well safety, testing, and maintenance

• How to disinfect a well
• How to read your water test

When You Depend on Well Water, Depend on Pine State Drilling

Download a 32-page booklet filled with important and educational information on these topics and more.