Pump Installation, Repair, and Maintenance in Maine

Need a Pump Installed? Pine State Drilling Does Repairs

Pine State Drilling is your source for pump installation, repair, and maintenance services. We provide complete well drilling services, which includes installing high-quality pump systems. These come complete with a full warranty. Give Pine State Drilling a call today at (207) 654-2771 or contact us online at your convenience to arrange for pump installation or service.

• Household Water Pump
• Crop Irrigation Pump
• Garden Water Pump

• Livestock Water Pump
• Solar Water Pump
• Mining Pumps

Pine State Drilling Works to Satisfy Each Customer

We work with each customer to provide the best type of pump or pumping system that works best in each specific location. For example, a rural property may require not only a pump for household use, but another for the garden, shed, or barn. Municipal or commercial locations may require multiple pump units to meet the daily demand. Whether you have an existing pump that needs maintenance or repair or look to have an entire well water system installed, Pine State Drilling has the know-how to get it done.

Customer Options and Quality Pump Equipment and Peripherals

With effectiveness and creativity in system design in the well drilling industry since 1969, Pine State Drilling chooses to offer our customers the quality pump and tank equipment needed in today’s established and innovative well drilling applications. As an option to customers, Pine State Drilling can also dig the trench for the waterline from the well to your house and make all necessary connections to the pressure tank.

High-Quality Equipment from Franklin Pumps

The pumps we install include Franklin Pumps and equipment, designed to keep various agricultural, industrial, residential, and commercial pumping operations going. You may wish to discuss the type of pumps we install, repair, and service throughout the state of Maine.

Flexcon Pressure Tanks Installed in Pump Systems

A water well requires a pressure tank to retain the water from the pump, so we use tanks from Flexcon Industries. These are designed to handle residential and commercial, indoor, and outdoor pump systems.

Pump Services in Maine by Pine State Drilling

Pine State Drilling is ready to discuss the pump work we offer throughout the state of Maine. Whether you are establishing a new well and pump system, maintaining or repairing an existing pump, or wish to make improvements, simply get in touch with us to review your pump and tank system needs.